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LCCA Philosophy and Curriculum
The modern Christian education movement arose because of the concern that our children not be indoctrinated with secular humanism. God forbids that Christians walk in the counsel of the ungodly (Psalm 1:1). Public school classrooms have many loving Christian teachers, but the curriculum prescribed in those classrooms has been necessarily purged of the Christian worldview. The curriculum itself is therefore un-godly. In other words, it is divorced from God and His Word. LCCA seeks partnership with parents who value the Bible and God’s instruction.

The Abeka curriculum that we use in our classrooms prepares our students to respond to life in keeping with Biblical principles. Biblical principles are not limited to Bible class; they are woven throughout all subjects and teaching.

The Christian Worldview & Public Education
The Christian life is not divided into things secular and things sacred. The entirety of who we are and what we do is about the glory of God. We look for Him in every aspect of our lives. We acknowledge Him in every endeavor. Public education and non-Christian private education exclude God from academic endeavors. Some progressive educators suggest that God is for the church house, not for the schoolhouse. At LCCA, we believe that God belongs in every aspect of the Christian’s life. We understand that our children will encounter secular thought and even anti-God sentiment. By giving to them a distinctly Christian education in all disciplines, we expect to prepare them to withstand and to answer secular humanism when they encounter it.

College Credit Plus for LCCA Students
The Ohio College Credit Plus program is available to public and nonpublic school families. The program allows seventh to twelfth grade students to enroll and earn credit in college courses and have that credit applied to their high school transcript. Dual enrollment allows high school students to work on a college degree program while still in high school. While we appreciate the advantage
that College Credit Plus offers to students, we also want to remain true to our purpose--to provide an education that is distinctly Christian.

Some courses seem to be minimally impacted by the absence of a Christian worldview. English, Speech, and Mathematics instruction will be similar whether taught by someone who holds a Christian worldview or a secular worldview. While we strongly encourage students to advance their education at Christian colleges, we will accept credit earned from secular colleges in those subjects.
Subjects such as History, Science, Bible/Religion, and Ethics will be significantly impacted by the curriculum publisher and the college course teacher’s worldview. If dual enrollment credit is desired for these subjects, students must enroll at an approved Christian college. See the administrator for college suggestions. For each course in which a student desires dual enrollment at LCCA and another institution (public or private), that student must obtain prior approval from the administrator. The full name of the course, the institution’s description of that course, and the title of all textbooks for that course should be provided in writing.

College Credit Plus Information
College Credit Plus costs:
There is potential cost of participation with a nonpublic/private institution of higher education. Private colleges/universities have the option of charging a minimal fee to students.

Licking County Christian Academy is a nonchartered, nonpublic school. Students must apply for state funding to participate. Funding is limited for nonpublic schools.

A student who receives funding through the Ohio Department of Education and fails his CCP course may have to reimburse the state for the course.

Criteria for student participation, including, but not limited to:
Students must submit a written notice of their intent to participate in the upcoming academic year, by April 1, in accordance with section 3365.03 of the Revised Code, but may submit the written notice of intent to participate as early as February 1.

Students desiring to participate in College Credit Plus in the summer are strongly encouraged to submit letters of intent and begin the admissions process starting in February and prior to the April 1 notice of intent deadline in order to improve chances of meeting summer registration timelines. There is no appeal for missing the April 1 deadline.

LCCA students must submit their intent to participate within the funding application to the Ohio Department of Education. Students will need an OH|ID account (

Student participation options:
Participating students may be concurrently enrolled in multiple postsecondary institutions and may take postsecondary courses from more than one institution of higher education, concurrently.

Students should review the course catalog of an institution of higher education for a full listing of course offerings by the institution.

LCCA students can participate in the College Credit Plus program online or at an institution of higher education.

Students have the opportunity to participate during the summer term. For any student participating in a summer term that transfers to a new secondary school, the student has the responsibility to notify the institution of higher education and the student's prior and new secondary school of such transfer.


April 1, 2022               Sign up for a OH|ID account

April 1, 2022               Letter of Intent form is due

April 1, 2022               Funding application and Intent form are due

May 6, 2022               Deadline to schedule informational meeting to discuss participation

May 20, 2022             Deadline for course approval (Summer term)

August 5, 2022           Deadline for course approval (Fall semester)

December 12, 2022   Deadline for course approval (Spring 2023 semester)

Please visit the Ohio Department of Higher Education website for more information.